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Brooke Starace
Online Assignment 10
Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:27pm

The topic I ended up choosing is mountaintop mining and how it affects local communities. I am glad I choose this topic, because there is a lot of information available about this controversy. We discussed this topic in my geography class, so I already know some background information and have been to some resourceful websites with pros and cons about this topic. The sources I am using for my paper include the library database, online sources and articles, books in the library, and possibly geography magazines if I can get a hold of some. I have not yet gone to the library, so the most helpful resources have been the online sources that I could access in my room. I am planning on spending the weekend in the library, so hopefully the database, books, and articles will be very helpful as well while researching my topic. This paper is going to be a lot more difficult and time consuming than the other papers we have written, because there is so much to do. Before we even begin writing we must gather an abundant amount of research and cite all sources. After researching, we must put the information together and create our paper. Then, when we have finished completing these steps, we have to create a works cited page. All though, there is a lot to do for the paper, I am hoping it won’t be that much of a struggle, because we are simply taking information and just putting it into our own words. With the other papers, we had to write about our own emotions or analyze the emotions of someone else. This research paper is simply taking facts and views on the topic and working it into the paper. I feel the hardest part of writing the research paper will be gathering all the information. I am hoping I will not be too stressed out, because I have written a research paper before, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would turn out to be. After getting all the research well-organized, everything went smoothly, and the information flowed together as I wrote the paper.

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