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Erin Schwartz
Discussion 11/18
Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:29am

Erin Schwartz

My experience in English 1100 has been a good experience. This class is different than any other English class that I have taken before, mostly because of the teacher and the way the class is taught. This class is more class discussions and interactive than other English classes I have had before. In this class I feel like I need to think more and have more input on ideas and the things that are going on in class. With other English classes I have had it was more taking notes and the teacher talking. I think this class is a better for making me think and get more involved in the topic or the story we are talking about. English 1100 is a good break for me during the day, it is in the middle if my classes and it is always enjoyable and gets me thinking. I need a class like this because the rest of my classes are just taking notes the whole time I like having a class that makes me think. I think English 1100 is making me a better writer. The writing we do and the grading is making me become better at writing and making me gain writing skills that I need. I learned from this class that you can not or at least should not wait until the last minute to start a paper. It takes more than just the day before to write a paper well. I think this class is definitely going to help me with English 1200. I am enjoying the things we talk about in class and the way we go over stories and talk about them in class. The stories we read are kind of crazy some times and talking about them in class helps me t understand them and get what the point of the story was. When I read the stories I am usually not sure what the point if the story is, and after we discuss it in class I understand and usually like the story more. English 1100 is teaching me a lot about English.

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