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Brooke Starace
English Online Assignment 11
Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:42am

Surprisingly, I have kind of enjoyed my English 1100 class. At the beginning of the semester I was unsure of how I would do in the class. After hearing about how papers and assignments were graded, I was worried there was a chance I might fail the class. English is my worst subject, so I figured that I would not do well in the class, because I do not excel at writing. Throughout the semester, I started to realize the class wasn’t so hard, and some of the activities and discussions we participated in during class were interesting and kept me entertained. My professor is very humorous, so the class always has an exciting environment, which makes it that much easier to attend. This English class has been different than most English classes that I’ve been enrolled in. In past English classes, my teachers babied the students and have censored certain pieces of literature. They had to avoid speaking about certain topics, and or saying certain things, because it was not allowed and “inappropriate” for school. This always aggravated me, because I felt my fellow classmates and I were mature and old enough for things to not be “inappropriate”. In English 1100, we are treated like adults and allowed to curse and state our opinions whatever they may be. The most beneficial parts of this English class have been writing the research and narrative papers. I dread writing papers, but once I got started, the assignments were not so bad. I feel these writing assignments will most likely help with my writing skills for future papers. The unbeneficial parts of this class have been reading Boyle stories and writing the Boyle paper. Although I respect Boyle, his stories aren’t that interesting, and I will not remember them in the future. The Boyle paper also was not beneficial because writing about Boyle’s themes and opinions will not be helpful for future papers. Overall I am glad that I stuck through this course and decided not to drop out of it. English 1100 helped me to realize not to take the easy way out, and certain situations might turn out good, regardless of how they seem at first.

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