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Sharnesha Brentley
Online Disscusion 11/18
Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:55am

Iíve had a good experience in English 1100. First, Mr. Bates sarcasm was some of the funniest things I would hear throughout some of my day. I enjoyed coming to class and being able to actually interact with a professor and get great HONEST feedback. As the semester continued I got more comfortable in class. There was never a time when I got bored or sleepy because Mr. Bates would always have something funny to say, the cricket girl would make cricket sounds or a classmate would say something off the wall. The course was nothing like what I expected. Entering college I expected papers every single week of the semester that had to be eight to ten pages. I thought papers would be assigned with a due date to follow, with no guidance or help. I imagined being up all hours of the night writing papers. With English being my least favorite subject I that would have been a nightmare. However, the workload was manageable and fair. Mr. Bates assigned a perfect amount of papers with more than enough time to complete them and took out time during class to basically demonstrate how the papers should be written. I liked the fact that whenever a story to read was assigned, we would go over the story briefly in class and come to a conclusion about the significance. I did struggle with the T.C Boyle paper; it was the most difficult out of all the other ones. However, I did end with a better grade than I expected on the paper. The in-class essays were pretty easy grades to get and I like them a lot. I really like the idea of replacing Friday classes with online discussions. It has taught me to be more responsible considering the fact that I donít have Friday classes at all and I have to complete the online discussion by 5pm. The English 1100 course was much easier than the ones Iíd taken I high school. The feedback from this 1100 course was actually honest and what I needed to hear about my writing .Overall, the course was great!!

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