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Melissa Miller
Discussion 11.4
Fri Nov 4, 2011 12:19pm

I chose the song “Fix you” by Coldplay because I felt like I connected with it most. Not just because of the lyrics, but the music lets my mind feel better almost with its harmony. This song I have seen performed at a winter guard competition by the best winter guard in my opinion: First Flight.

If you have never seen a winter guard show before, there is a lot to learn about them. Groups of people come together to perform guard shows to songs with their instructor’s guard work. Some groups are independent and some are of classes like “A1” and “A2”. There are open groups which have different regulations than the independent groups. Guards like for high schools compete with one another for a spot but mostly it is for show.

I had been in my high school guard for two years and I saw First Flight perform “Fix you” by Coldplay in a spectacular performance. When you see this group of people move in motion in the same form, you get the feeling like they are like singers or artists of their own type performing for an audience. Their facial expressions show how the music might be sad or happy or mad. First Flight performs in a way that I have never seen before and probably never will. In the beginning of the show [and the song] the guard dances slowly showing distress and depression between each performer. Some fall backwards into another’s arms which they safely fall to the ground but looks like they are falling tragically. Another part of the song is modified so that it continues longer which the guard takes time in showing off their skills of flag, rifle, and saber [three weapons of every guard]. The groups of these different weapons finally come together in a flag feature where the entire floor is beautifully made to accent the song’s lyrics of “Tears stream down your face…”. At the very end of the show, the words “and I will try to fix you” are performed by two soloists who end up in the front of the floor where one turns the other and ‘fixes’ them into the right position. It is meaningful to me to see this done by such a significant song in my mind. Seeing this group of people transform this song into something more than just words into dance and physical beauty helps me remember that no matter how sad a song can sound like, you can make a beautiful outcome.

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