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Dillon Hayes
Fri Nov 4, 2011 3:40pm

The song I chose as my favorite to identify with was the “I Hate College” remix by Sam Adams. I chose this song because it perfectly portrays by view of college life. I used to like the song “I Love College” by Asher Roth better but after being here, Sam Adams version incorporates more of my view on the topic. “I Hate College” talks about how instead of going to class he’d rather just get drunk and go to parties. Further into the song he talks about how “I can't sleep cause my God damn teach, Keeps assignin essays due at the end of each week” which I can definitely relate to, no offense. He also talks about how he has no time while he’s at college by saying “I'm just gettin paid workin like a slave, Between school athletics and music it's all day.”
It accomplishes its intended message by telling people how college really is. It’s hard to tell his tone in the song, like whether he’s happy, angry, or sad. If I had to guess I’d say it’s a mix of happy and angry. He mentions why he hates college but he also tells why he loves it too. Sam Adams says “I hate college but love all the parties, finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi”, therefore he doesn’t hate every aspect of the college experience.
I haven’t listened to this song in a long time but I thought it’d relate to us college kids the best for this assignment. I remember listening to this song and looking forward to what it’d be like at ECU in the future. It’s like an exact layout of the average college student’s life. Being pissed off about having to do papers and other assignments but then getting to go out later that night and having a good time.
I also like this song not only because of the lyrics but because of the artist himself. Sam Adams made himself famous in college. He started recording his songs on his laptop in his dorms and it made him famous. Just goes to show that you can be an average college student one day and a famous music artist the next.

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