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Sophia Samir
Discussion 11/4
Fri Nov 4, 2011 4:17pm

I choose Cranberries-Bosnia as my favorite song. I really like the message behind this song. It talks about the Bosnian War and how it was a complete waste of time and money. People fight over useless things and don't see the people who get affected the most because of such political disorders. On top of that no one is ever willing to accept their fault and situation progressively becomes worse. Families are destroyed, hatred is born, children loose their childhood too early. War has never bought peace. The lines "Sure things would change if we really wanted them to" is really powerful because it tells one how we should use our own mind and not be brain washed by propaganda. I love how the song ends by saying "When do the saints go marching in?". It shows how saints are too few to save the world and people should stop relying on others to bring change, but try to work on it themselves. I like the Cranberries because they arent afraid to show their views through their music while at the same time don't try to shove it down ones throat.

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