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Vincent Allen
Fri Nov 4, 2011 4:31pm

For my favorite song I picked ďBreakdownĒ by j.cole. Itís a fairly new song and I donít think it has made it to the radio yet. I chose it because a lot of music I can relate but with this song I can relate to every verse and not only a chorus or a single set of couple lines. I connect to it on multiply levels, although some parts are a little more intense than mine I can relate. Basically he is saying no matter what goes on in your life donít break down and continue to be strong and prevail. The first verse he is basically talking about how he sees his father for the first time in a while and he has all the emotions, should he love him and be so happy to see him or hate him because he shitted on him and his mother. Basically ending the verse with saying donít breakdown on how hard it gets. I can relate to that because growing up I had plenty of family but it was just me and my mom. Through it all we had each other so it was all good. I did see my father often and I thought was I supposed to be upset with him because he wasnít there or was I supposed cherish the moments because he wasnít always around. Once I got older I understood it wasnít like he was just trying to leave, it was just my parents couldnít get along and I was content with that. The second verse is about how his mother was addicted to drugs and we all know how rough that can be, he states how rappers be flaunting they the sell cocaine etc. when they donít know how it is to be on the receiving because itís tough seeing his mother go through what she went through. My mother wasnít addicted to drugs but she smoked cigarettes, I hated it so much and I still hate it. My junior year of high school she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was the toughest thing weíve ever went through but I was with her every step of the way. December of my senior year she passed away, worst thing that has ever happened to in my life and I donít ever want to go through anything like that again ever. In the last verse j.cole speaks of a father being incarcerated and how itís tough for a young woman to cope with that. I mean my dad was locked up once or twice but he wasnít around anyways so my mom beasted that anyways. Seriously though this is probably my favorite chill song, like I said the song has depth and is related so I would recommend it. I think it gets this message through, times may get hard and you may have to breakdown for a minute but itíll get better.

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