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Josh Moore
No Subject
Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:07pm

Out of the three poems we had to read for Monday I did not really understand any of them very well until I read them multiple times. However I did not understand “The Red Wheelbarrow” no matter how many times I read it. This poem was only eight lines and a little more than a dozen words however after the second stanza it makes no sense. The poem begins by saying how important a red wheelbarrow is, but then in the end it says it is glazed in rain, beside the white chickens. This poem was by far my least favorite because I thought it would talk about a red wheelbarrow like the title implies, however in the end it makes absolutely no sense..
“Because I could not Stop for Death” was a strange poem. The one thing that really got me about this poem was when the author said he “passed the school where the children strove”. And then he said “we passed the setting sun” However in the next line he said “Or rather it passed us”. This makes me feel like he is talking about how he had no control over what he was doing, rather he was just going along for the ride and everything he saw was predetermined, probably by death.
The other poem “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” seems like a poem written around Christmas time. It has horses pulling carriages through the snow with bells. The last stanza seems to me like the author is Santa Claus in a way because he says the woods are lovely but I have miles to go before I sleep because I have promises to keep. This seems like it could be related to Santa Claus because the legend of santa is that he flies all over the world giving presents in one night. So the part where it says the woods look lovely means he wants to take a break, however he has promises to keep, which are his promises to the children that he will bring them presents.
I have not read any more poems in the book so I really do not know of any to review in class.

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