Jennifer Emrey
Re: 11/18 Discussion
Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:30am

I love coming to this class! It is also so much fun and I always laugh. This class is way different from all my other English type classes. It is different from my high school English courses because my teachers were cool but they also had to be up tight because the school made them be this way. We would have a ton of busy work and it was annoying and unnecessary. In my other two English classes in college all we did was write and talk about grammarÖ.well we all know that is boring! Even though I loved my English 1100 teacher the material still sucked. I am going to be honest I was a little scared to take this class because I have never been much of a reader but everything that you have assigned I have read, This may be because you said I would fail if I didnít so I did because I didnít want to fail but I actually enjoyed reading everything weíve been assigned, even if I didnít like the story or poem itself reading it wasnít bad at all. This class is different because you donít act like a teacher, you are young so you relate to us and make jokes that we think are funny. You have the same type of humor has we do and you went to ECU so you know all the things that we know about this school and what goes on here. You make fun of Jacob and its hilarious because well I wonít get into that but its funny! This class is more of a discussion not a lecture and I love that. I feel as though I have started to appreciate literature, I take the time to try and understand what I am reading, even though sometimes I still donít know. I at least try to understand it because the author didnít just write it for you to read it, they want you to understand the meaning and understand why they wrote that piece and I think thatís really important and they deserve for me and everyone else to do that.

  • 11/18 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Nov 17 6:37pm
    Describe your experience in our ENGL 1000 class. How has it been different from other English classes you've taken? What areas (if any) did you benefit from? What areas do you feel you did not... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - casey Olevsky, Fri Nov 18 5:04pm
      I think that this English class is completely different from any other English class that Iíve ever taken. I think that it has taught me a lot about understand different works. I like that it has... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Jacob Evans, Fri Nov 18 4:46pm
      I have had a great time in this class and honestly have enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the other two classes that I had previously taken with you. I felt like the stories that we had to read... more
    • 11/18 - Katherine Faucette, Fri Nov 18 4:40pm
      I have come too really like my ENGL 1000 class. Before this class always dreaded going to all my other English classes. I have never liked English ever since I was younger. I am a math person, so I... more
    • Discussion - Travis Hayes, Fri Nov 18 4:12pm
      In our Appreciating Literature, English 1000 class my experience has been good. I feel that I have learned a good bit of information from this class. I have mostly learned definitions and before I... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Josh Moore, Fri Nov 18 4:00pm
      Throughout my semester of English 1000 it has been a very good class. All the classes have been very eventful and we have covered everything from English, to crack houses, and even bombs. So... more
    • 11/18 - Dillon Hayes, Fri Nov 18 3:02pm
      I had a very good experience in this English 1000 class. The only thing I can really complain about is that it was too early in the morning, but other than that it was great. I learned a lot about... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Nam Thai, Fri Nov 18 2:27pm
      My experience in your English 1000 class has been, quite frankly easy. I can say that this has been my favorite English class I have taken, and I always have looked forward to coming to class.... more
    • 11/18 - Ashley Hipkiss, Fri Nov 18 2:07pm
      My experience in English 1000 has been the best class I have taken all semester, and I mean that with all sincerity and honesty. It has given me many new things to read and learn about, and was done... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Ashten Bergstedt, Fri Nov 18 1:58pm
      This English class has not only been the best English class I have participated in, but it has also been my favorite class this semester thus far. I love being able to look forward to coming to... more
    • Discussion 11/18 - Heather Burney, Fri Nov 18 1:05pm
      My experience in English 1000 has been very good so far. I feel like the more we discuss the stories and the poems the more I feel like I can appreciate and understand the assigned readings. My... more
    • 11/18 - Brandan Murrell, Fri Nov 18 1:02pm
      I donít even know where to start when describing my experience in this class. It is definitely in a ďclassĒ of its own when it comes to English classes I have taken or any class Iíve ever taken for... more
    • 11/18 Discussion - Kelly Phillips, Fri Nov 18 12:33pm
      I am really enjoying ENGL 1000. I actually am retaking this class for grade replacement from Spring of 2010. This class is much more fun than that class was and the professor is much more... more
      • Discussion Board 11/18 - Bethany Alder, Fri Nov 18 4:35pm
        Honestly, the first day of class, I was pretty intimidated- by you and by the class members. Although the bomb-makers in the class are still slightly intimidating, I chose to not drop the class, and... more
    • 11/18 Discussion - Kai Chatman, Fri Nov 18 12:23pm
      This English has class been different from the other English classes I have taken simply because of the format. In many of my previous English classes, we did not really read a lot of short stories.... more
    • Discussion11/18 - Melissa Miller, Fri Nov 18 12:09pm
      English 1000 had gone by fast. Every class is different with a new topic and a new thing to think about. Talking about ideas of how setting affects everything in literature to a tangent of... more
    • Discussion 11/18 - Kurt McPherson, Fri Nov 18 11:47am
      My other english classes in college have been more or less writing intensive. No poetry was analyzed whatsoever, and papers were the main course of grades. This was the first class where all I did... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Vincent Allen, Fri Nov 18 11:32am
      Compared to ANY other English class I have EVER taken, this English 1000 course has been the best by far. Everyday i go to class excited for our class discussions and prepared in whatever we may do... more
    • English 1000 - Tiffany LeMay, Fri Nov 18 11:17am
      My experience in this English 1000 class has been overall quite amazing. I never thought while registering for the class that I would enjoy it as much as I do. I always had preconceived notions that... more
    • 11/18 - Heather Thomas, Fri Nov 18 11:10am
      English 1000 have been my favorite English class I have taken thus far. Not only does it have to do with the good readings Mr. Bates has chosen but also it has a lot to do with the teaching style. It ... more
    • Discussion 11/18 - Logan Justice, Fri Nov 18 10:44am
      English 1000 has probably been one of the best English classes I have taken, aside from my AP English course that I took last year. The reason I have enjoyed myself in this class is that it is not... more
    • 11/18 DIscussion - Haley Currie, Fri Nov 18 10:31am
      This ENGL 1000 class has become one of my favorite English classes I have ever taken, and by far the class that I have actually enjoyed. Typically, I do not like English, writing, or reading. This... more
    • Re: 11/18 Discussion - Jennifer Emrey, Fri Nov 18 10:30am
    • 11/18 Dis. - Rosalyn Swain, Fri Nov 18 10:07am
      I have to say my English 1000 experience has been rather grand. I have really enjoyed this class. I have read some interesting stories that I would not have read if I was not in this class. The... more
    • 11/18 Discussion - Steven Byrd, Fri Nov 18 10:04am
      English 1000 11/18 Discussion This course has been an overall good experience for me. I loved every part of this course except the poetry. The only reason that I am not a fan of the poetry section is ... more
    • 11/18 Discussion - Bowin Yem, Fri Nov 18 9:12am
      I liked this English class a lot. Youíre a really interesting teacher and the way you teach truly livens up the classroom, so much in fact that I believe that itís almost impossible to fall asleep in ... more
    • 11/18 Discussion - Daklota Bunn, Fri Nov 18 9:05am
      So my experience in English 1000 has been different, but the same as any other English class I have had. I say that it is different because I have never had an English class that did not do... more
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