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Heather Burney
Discussion 11/18
Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:56pm

My experience in English 1000 has been very good so far. I feel like the more we discuss the stories and the poems the more I feel like I can appreciate and understand the assigned readings. My general experience in this class is that I read the assigned reading and I feel like I get a grasp of what the author is trying to say. Then when we talk about it in class everything I was thinking in my head becomes clearer and I am able to have a deeper understanding for the poem. Sometimes I feel like I am still taking the words at face value, but I know there is always more meaning than the face value. Next I usually read the story or poem one more time and try to find some deeper meaning in the words.
This class is different from any other English class I have ever taken. I think this is mainly because other classes have never discussed stories or poems in class as much as we do. Other English classes in college that I have been in, tended to focus on writing. We never analyzed short stories or poems. We were only graded on what we wrote in our papers.
I feel that I have most benefitted from just going to class. Listening and commenting on the assigned readings in class helps me gain understanding. If I did not go to class then I do not feel that I would understand any of the assigned readings. When we discuss the stories or poems, each week it feels easier for me to understand what the author is trying to say. I also think I have benefitted from the in class writing essays. I like that we can use the book to look back over the story or poem when we are writing the essays. This makes me really think about the underlying messages in the words that normally I might not see at first. Sometimes just reading the questions that you write on the chalk board for the in class writing essays helps me understand the story better because I get a feel of what I should be looking for in the story.
I do feel that I can appreciate literature better than when I started this class. I still might not understand everything I read in the class but it is becoming easier. I do not think I can appreciate all types of literature but I think that I would be able to analyze it better now that I have taken this class.

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