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Amanda Roy
11/18 discussion :)
Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:53pm

I have enjoyed the experience I have had in our English 1000 class. I love the mood of the class and that we are encouraged to discuss not just the stories that we read for class, but also to discuss current events that may be happening in our lives. In every course that I have taken with Professor Bates, I feel like the class bonds a great deal and somewhat gets to know each other and feels comfortable expressing their opinions. I really liked reading all different types of literature and even coming back to some stories I have read in my previous English classes from the Boyle book. I still donít really think I enjoy reading poetry that much, but I think that since this class is called ďAppreciating LiteratureĒ its best that we cover all types of literature. This class has been different then the other two English classes I have taken here at ECU only in the fact that we didnít have to write any papers in this class. We didnít take any quizzes in my other two English classes, and I feel like we discuss stories, and other types of literature, more in this class than in my previous classes. Obviously this class is pretty similar to my other two English classes because the same professor is teaching it, but I definitely like the style of teaching used. I feel that I benefited in the ability to analyze stories and poems better than I was able to before. I used to read things and take them for face value, but now I have learned to look deeper and analyze the literature so that I can understand what the author is trying to communicate to their readers. Iím not sure about the areas that I did not benefit from. I feel like overall, this class was not a waste of my time and I was able to challenge myself when trying to understand the meaning behind most stories we read. After taking this class, I actually do feel like I can appreciate literature a little better than I did before.

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