Aaron Berry
Discussion 11/18
Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:23pm

My experience in your English 1000 class has been a blast. The way you made the atmosphere in the classroom at ten in the morning made me want to get up and come. If you werenít such a real teacher and actually cared about your students I would have hated class. I probably would have told you what a horrible teacher you are and that you should quit. Iíve learned so much from your class and you changed the way that I look at Literature. . Iíve never had an English professor or teacher do that in my entire school career. You made class very entertaining and you never let it get boring. Keeping my attention every class period with something and the fact that you let us speak our mind instead of you just talking made this class different from my other English classes. Most of my other classes were boring and I really didnít learn much at all but not to take her for another class. The way you broke down the stories and poems so that a little kid could understand has helped me when I read on my own time. Iíve been reading more on my own now just because of this class. I think that I have benefited from this class a lot. Just reading more on a daily basis has giving me more to talk about in my personal life. This class has also helped me to become a more critical thinker because of the kind of question you ask us. It has helped me to learn to read with a purpose not just to read to get it over with. Iíve also benefited from the free write that we do. It helps me vent out and clear my head from the stressful thing called life. I really canít think of anything that weíve done in class that I wouldnít benefit from because honestly everything we do has had some kind of a purpose. I can say that yes I can truly appreciate literature. I know that I couldnít before but now I can since Iíve learned from such a great teacher.

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