Bethany Alder
Discussion Board 11/18
Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:35pm

Honestly, the first day of class, I was pretty intimidated- by you and by the class members. Although the bomb-makers in the class are still slightly intimidating, I chose to not drop the class, and quickly came to look forward to going. You are a truly gifted teacher, and your differing approaches to the works assigned made each day fresh and interesting. Although having you say, “Put everything away, and take out a sheet of paper,” was never thrilling per se, it was exciting to have the element of surprise within the dynamics of the class. Most of my previous English classes have been grammar focused, full of diagramming sentences and practicing inserting missing commas. If reading was assigned, which was always fairly limited to specific genres, there was little to no class discussion involved. There was also, in my other English classes, no fostering of the creative and imaginative side of English, which is the aspect of the English language that I love. The ability to hear and consider different interpretations of literature and the opportunity to write through the stream of consciousness ten minute exercises were two things that were new to me in an English class, and things from which I feel I benefited. Also, the incorporation of modern life with the pieces of literature we read through methods like asking us to describe a certain character in today’s terms or to bring in song lyrics as a form of lyric poetry, made the pieces more relatable and understandable. Now, I can say that although I came into this class appreciating literature to a degree, I now definitely have a deeper appreciation for various types. The readings you assigned were diverse, and many of them were not stories or poems I would have chosen to read on my own. Therefore, this class challenged me to think outside of my own comfort zone, and caused me to develop and broaden my feelings on certain authors or works of literature. Overall, I feel that I have not only gleaned more knowledge about literature in general, but also learned techniques for teaching that will help me in the future. This class has been a wonderful experience for me on many levels, and I appreciate all the hard work you have put into making it such a fruitful learning experience.

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    • Discussion Board 11/18 - Bethany Alder, Fri Nov 18 4:35pm
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