casey olevsky
No Subject
Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:02pm

I think that this English class is completely different from any other English class that Iíve ever taken. I think that it has taught me a lot about understand different works. I like that it has required reading everyday because it makes me read where I probably wouldnít have done so if we didnít have quizzes and readings to go along with it. I was in another English lit. class and switched out of it because it was to big and I wanted to actually understand the things that we were talking about and have discussions like we do in our class. I think that it has helped me a lot being an English major. I really enjoy writing and learning about different things written by people but I very rarely actually understand them the first time. I think that this class has helped to change that. I am very glad that I took this class and I think that I still have a lot of trouble understanding difficult poems the first time as I think many people struggle with. But I think that I deffinatly have the tools to figure it out now. I think Iím a step in the right direction and I hope that one day I will get many of these that I now donít. I hope to become a well rounded English major in doing so, but Iíve always had a problem with poetry.

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