Re: Alternative Pencils
Sun Oct 2, 2011 17:36

I also think it is very important to start letting students choose their topics to write about, even it is once or twice a week. I feel like sometimes I am just cramming things on them and worry about students hating to write. They need to have the time to write about something they like!

  • Alternative Pencils - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Oct 2 14:28
    After reading the Fostering Emergent Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities article, I began to realize how extremely important it is for students, no matter their disability, to write... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - fayk, Tue Oct 4 22:46
      Jennifer, It is not that I haven't thought about it before- but not as in depth as now- but I completely and totally agree with you that ALL children deserve the opportunity to write. If there is a... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - ginger.mason, Sun Oct 2 19:15
      I worked with a student two years ago that had difficulty writing in first grade. At first I thought he had trouble putting his thoughts on paper, but soon realized that he felt uncomfortable writing ... more
    • Re: Reply to Jennifer - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 2 17:52
      Jennifer, I have a student in my class who has issues with his fine motor skills too. I also found myself thinking of my student while I read the articles. I have tried grippers and weighted pencils. ... more
      • Re: Reply to Jennifer - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:11
        I was thinking the same thing about trying a slanted board for my child with some fine motor weaknesses. Did you try it yet? I was going to begin the slanted board with him specificially tomorrow...
        • Re: Reply to Jennifer - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 9 15:16
          My student was out sick all of last week. I am still planning on trying this when he returns, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Let me know how it works with your student!
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - beasleylm, Sun Oct 2 17:36
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