Re: Alternative Pencils
Sun Oct 2, 2011 19:15

I worked with a student two years ago that had difficulty writing in first grade. At first I thought he had trouble putting his thoughts on paper, but soon realized that he felt uncomfortable writing because he troubled by the fact that his handwriting wasn't as neat as his peers. I put a special pencil grip on his pencil that helped him hold it properly and taught him how to form his letters appropriately, and it opened the world of writing for him. It is important for us to ensure the success of all of our students by providing the right tools to help them learn.

  • Alternative Pencils - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Oct 2 14:28
    After reading the Fostering Emergent Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities article, I began to realize how extremely important it is for students, no matter their disability, to write... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - fayk, Tue Oct 4 22:46
      Jennifer, It is not that I haven't thought about it before- but not as in depth as now- but I completely and totally agree with you that ALL children deserve the opportunity to write. If there is a... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - ginger.mason, Sun Oct 2 19:15
    • Re: Reply to Jennifer - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 2 17:52
      Jennifer, I have a student in my class who has issues with his fine motor skills too. I also found myself thinking of my student while I read the articles. I have tried grippers and weighted pencils. ... more
      • Re: Reply to Jennifer - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:11
        I was thinking the same thing about trying a slanted board for my child with some fine motor weaknesses. Did you try it yet? I was going to begin the slanted board with him specificially tomorrow...
        • Re: Reply to Jennifer - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 9 15:16
          My student was out sick all of last week. I am still planning on trying this when he returns, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Let me know how it works with your student!
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - beasleylm, Sun Oct 2 17:36
      I also think it is very important to start letting students choose their topics to write about, even it is once or twice a week. I feel like sometimes I am just cramming things on them and worry... more
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