Alternative Pencil
Sun Oct 2, 2011 20:18

I have had students in the past use Alphasmarts as their alternative pencils. There is a boy in the fifth grade class nearby why uses a keyboard (like an alphasmart) to do his work. Since I teach upper elementary I am not as familiar with children with fine motor skills problems. I just see the variety of ways students hold their pencils. Whenever I have an assistant that is used to younger aged children they make comments about the way a child holds a pencil. I never notice it. I have noticed that students who stuggle with writing oftentimes love to use the computer. It seems to be easier for them and a reward. I myself would much rather type than write. It just seems easier and neater.

  • Response to Readings about Writing - Stacy Durham, Sat Oct 1 21:01
    In the article, Fostering Emergent Writing for Children With Significant Disabilities: Writing With Alternative Pencils, the children could write about anything they chose and their writing was not... more
    • The color coded eye gaze is so amazing to me! The children using this have real intelligence to be able to pick up on this concept so quickly and with such ease ( from what we have seen). I too... more
    • Re: Response to Readings about Writing - simmonskn, Sun Oct 2 22:15
      I also thought it to be helpful that we had watched the video about the color coded eye gazed. The article made more sense knowing what this was. I had never heard of it before. I thought it was... more
    • understanding - lanierrm1, Sun Oct 2 21:54
      I agree with your thoughts. The articles have really helped me to understand how many options their are for working with these students. I also had never thought about the way things are step up for... more
    • Alternative Pencil - lockwoodre, Sun Oct 2 20:18
    • Re: Response to Readings about Writing - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Oct 2 19:25
      I agree with your sentence: "All children need to have an appropriate model to learn from, they all need direction/instruction, they all need time to freely practice without being corrected, and they ... more
    • response to Stacy - beasleylm, Sun Oct 2 17:31
      I also found this article very interesting. I really liked how students could choose any topic to write about and not corrected. I feel as teachers we are so focused on teaching the correct format... more
    • Alternative Pencils - atkinssh, Sun Oct 2 09:54
      I think you are right about the importance of giving all kids the opportunity to write about anything they want. Kids with and without disabilities need the opportunity to write without someone... more
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