Sun Oct 2, 2011 21:51

I agree with you. I think it is important for writing to be a way for students to express themselves. I feel sometimes we kill that at school. We place so many regulations and rules on their writing and how it should be done. I know in my grade there are still teachers who restrict their students to writing about certain topics giving them prompts each week. I just feel this restricts them. I try to let my children choose freely what to write about and give them guidance as they write on things they may need to correct or look at. I love your newsletter idea. I know my 2nd graders seem more motivated with they know the purpose or final outcome for their writing. I am letting them type their first story right now. They love it and have worked hard to add more details before we finish publishing.

  • Response to Writing Instruction - beasleylm, Sun Oct 2 17:29
    As a 4th grade teacher there has always been a big emphasis on writing with the state writing test. Since they have changed the writing around, there seems to be some slack in this area. I have... more
    • Re: Response to Writing Instruction - fayk, Tue Oct 4 23:14
      I love that you don't "correct" the children's writing. I feel like I was always an insecure writer due to teachers always picking apart the writing of students in our class. This is such a vivid... more
    • reply - lanierrm1, Sun Oct 2 21:51
    • Re: Response to Writing Instruction - langem, Sun Oct 2 20:28
      As a 3rd grade teacher, I feel the pressure to prepare my students for 4th grade writing because I know how much emphasis they put on writing. Sometimes this is hard with the reading series we have... more
    • Re: Response to Lori - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 2 17:41
      Lori, I like your idea of having your class write about events happening within their school. Iím sure your students really benefit from this. Knowing that their peers will be reading what they write ... more
      • Re: Response to Lori - lockwoodre, Sun Oct 2 20:13
        I agree. Students really do become motivated writers when they know they will be published. I helped run the school newspaper in the past. Students would read, reread and ask for help on their... more
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