Re: Alternative Pencils
Sun Oct 2, 2011 22:21

Writing is an area I have been working on in my classroom this year. I just feel as if I don't do it justice and that it is difficult to teach when children do not relate to a topic they are given or they can't think of ideas. This year I have been trying to do mostly free writing and it seems to be working. One of my students that doesn't write when he is given a topic has started writing during free write. I still give a few topic every now and then during the week. Usually if I give a topic, if I see a child that is having trouble I let them free write. I also noticed that if I told my class it was a free write day they got really excited about writing. I hope this works out for my classroom.

  • Alternative Pencils - ginger.mason, Sun Oct 2 21:42
    Writing is an area that I've have been working on in my classroom the last couple of years. I used to choose the topics my students wrote about, but now I give them free choice. I was amazed at how... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - fayk, Tue Oct 4 22:50
      Completely agree! Most likely- I wouldn't want to write about something someone "tells" me to write about- why would students? I don't have the experience of students writing in my classroom- but I'm ... more
    • Re: Alternative Pencils - simmonskn, Sun Oct 2 22:21
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