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Sun Oct 2, 2011 22:35

I enjoyed reading more about cowriter. My e-pal uses cowriter. Reading this section helped me to better understand the program. There are so many technologies out their we can use to help these students. I wonder if any of these are being used in my school or county with students with significant disabilities.

  • Response To Readings - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:08
    I enjoyed reading about technology. It is a great thing to have ways to reach your students and help them. I had never heard of anything like E-pals but what a great way for students to learn. I can... more
    • cowriter - lanierrm1, Sun Oct 2 22:35
    • Co-writer - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:26
      In response to Co-writer... I was just curious if Co-writer has ever been used with typically developing younger students? Does anyone know? I think about 1 of me and 18 of my beginning writers in... more
      • Re: Co-writer - redingerj, Mon Oct 3 17:09
        I was wondering that, myself, Katie! I have thought about that with some of my pre-k kids! I had also been wondering about Braille in teaching the alphabet to a child in my class that seems to be... more
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