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Tue Oct 4, 2011 22:34

I completely agree with you that sometimes as teachers we focus more on the disability of the child than how to expose them and help them to do the same things our non-disabled students are doing in the classroom. I give so much credit to the teachers and educators that put in the time to create alternative ways to help children who cannot just pick up a pencil and paper and write- technology is amazing!

  • Response to reading-Writing - williskl1, Fri Sep 30 21:12
    Whoops! I posted the first one in last week's board.So here it is again... in the right place! I enjoyed reading the articles on promoting emergent writing for students with significant disabilities... more
    • response to reading-writing - fayk, Tue Oct 4 22:34
    • Re: Response to reading-Writing - redingerj, Sat Oct 1 14:30
      Yes, the alternative pencils really got me thinking, too! My "case study child" is going to teach me the most this year! He is not deaf or hard-of-hearing, however he is so active and possibly,... more
      • reply to josey - fayk, Tue Oct 4 22:35
        What an awesome idea Josey! I have never thought about that in the years I have worked with children with similar issues! I would be very interested to hear if it works!!!
        • Re: reply to josey - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:14
          katie, i haven't gotten any braille yet, but am doing some signing with him. I usually go to my local library a few times a month and am going to check into some braille resources...
      • Re: Response to reading-Writing - beasleylm, Sun Oct 2 17:33
        That would be very interesting to know if braile would work with this student. I wonder if the magnet letters that we used to play with when we were smaller would also help him. He would be able to... more
      • Alternative Pencils - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Oct 2 14:30
        My case study child is also making me analyze different types of alternative pencils. I am really reading these articles considering which ones may work best for him. I hope you find some success too!
      • Re: Reply to Josey - Stacy Durham, Sat Oct 1 21:32
        Josey, I thought about your “case study child” while I read Promoting Emergent Writing for Students With Significant Disabilities. Did you notice that in the example of an early writer’s story about... more
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