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Sun Oct 9, 2011 12:56

I agree that if you give students time to write and let them have a topic of choice, they will succeed in writing. I also agree with planning, drafting, revising and publishing with students. I do this with my students and also model for them.

  • Graham and Perin Article - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sat Oct 8 20:49
    When I was viewing the case study on Jake, I began to think about how amazing it must have been for his family to be able to finally communicate with him. It was apparent to me that Jake really... more
    • Graham and Perin Article - williskl1, Sun Oct 9 22:02
      I agree with you on the importance of creating that firm foundation with learning summarizing teachniques. I also teach Kindergarten and have realized that too often I read a book then maybe make a... more
    • Re: Graham and Perin Article - jkwilliams911, Sun Oct 9 19:58
      I too found it amazing for Jake and his family to finally be able to communicate. I could not imagine myself being able to try to tell others something and have no one understand what you need. And... more
    • Graham and Perin Article - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 9 15:34
      I agree with you that too much time is being spent teaching the test. I also think that the programs being implemented by some counties (where you read script off the page) is crazy! The scripted... more
    • graham and perin - fayk, Sun Oct 9 14:50
      I too feel that writing has been "put on the back burner" in schools. As a kindergarten teacher I am able to focus on writing a great deal more than other grade levels (from what I have heard from... more
      • Re: graham and perin - langem, Sun Oct 9 19:42
        I have to admit that I have put writing “on the back burner” in the past, but this year is going to be different. My class has already written more this year than my previous couple of classes at... more
    • Re: Graham and Perin Article - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:07
      Jennifer, I was thinking the same thing... Even though I teach pre-k, every child could have a journal in order to "write" whatever they want as part of our "morning work." I could even incorporate... more
    • reply to Graham and Perin Article - beasleycm, Sun Oct 9 12:56
      • Modeling - atkinssh, Sun Oct 9 22:37
        Carla, I think it's super important to model for students. I have seen great success with my students when they are given a model first. I think it also helps them to hear the teacher "think aloud"... more
      • modeling... - fayk, Sun Oct 9 14:53
        I think modeling is so key to so many students. I know as a child- when a teacher modeled for me- it was so helpful for me. I still remember when teachers just threw something out there without a... more
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