Sun Oct 9, 2011 13:03

Wow! It really was amazing to me, too! You are right- there IS always a way to communicate. The alternatives to pencils, etc. are insightful- however, I am questioning all the work I have done with previous students... Have I failed them in some way?! In my (sometimes desperation) to reach EVERY child, have I overlooked something in finding his/her alternative pencil? I am thinking of making some sort of reminder in my classroom... Something along the lines of, "What will be your pencil today?"

  • Watching the video clips on Jake was amazing. From this you can see that there are ways for communication, you just have to find the ones that work. Jake makes so much progress over time. This makes... more
    • Alternative Pencils Reply - trivettec, Sun Oct 9 18:37
      I totally took the part about student choice to heart, also! This past week I found myself giving the students more choice on just about everything we did. Around Thursday, I noticed that I was... more
    • graham and perin - fayk, Sun Oct 9 14:42
      It is so difficult for me right now to have the children write about what is of interest to them specifically every time we have writing because in kindergarten we are using a lot of sentence... more
    • Jake - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:03
      • Re: Jake - Stacy Durham, Sun Oct 9 15:11
        I also agree that watching Jake was absolutely amazing. He was so excited and what a wonderful feeling it must be to finally have the pencil you need to communicate. I also think that your idea of... more
      • Jake - fayk, Sun Oct 9 14:39
        You do so well Josey! I know we are so desperate to reach every child- but you have to take it one day at a time! I love the idea of "what will be your pencil today!"
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