Sun Oct 9, 2011 14:53

I think modeling is so key to so many students. I know as a child- when a teacher modeled for me- it was so helpful for me. I still remember when teachers just threw something out there without a model, example or explanation- it scared me to death!

  • reply to Graham and Perin Article - beasleycm, Sun Oct 9 12:56
    I agree that if you give students time to write and let them have a topic of choice, they will succeed in writing. I also agree with planning, drafting, revising and publishing with students. I do... more
    • Modeling - atkinssh, Sun Oct 9 22:37
      Carla, I think it's super important to model for students. I have seen great success with my students when they are given a model first. I think it also helps them to hear the teacher "think aloud"... more
    • modeling... - fayk, Sun Oct 9 14:53
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