Re: Jake
Sun Oct 9, 2011 22:06

I completely agree! I had no idea there were these tools out there. I am so interested in finding out what else there is to help children who are not able to communicate by speaking or with a pencil and paper!

  • Jake - simmonskn, Sun Oct 9 21:11
    Watching the videos of Jake are simply amazing. I think it is great that there are tools/pencils like this to use. I never knew that these tools existed. I see how helpful that this was for Jake and... more
    • Jake - ginger.mason, Sun Oct 9 23:44
      I was amazed at how quickly Jake picked up on how to use the symbols in the first video. He was clearly excited about the prospect of being able to communicate with his teacher and his mother. To see ... more
    • Re: Jake - fayk, Sun Oct 9 22:06
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