Re: Jake
Sun Oct 9, 2011 22:33

I agree...this was really awesome to see how Jake can now communicate his basic wants and needs with the use of technology. I also thought it was really cool to see his expression when he called out for his parents and his dog! His writing looks to be progressing too. He spelled Dad and his own name, Jk, and M m, which could be Mom. That's huge progress!

  • Jake - fayk, Sun Oct 9 12:49
    Wow! This was really neat to watch and read about Jake! It is so clear and evident how important and crucial it is that every person be given the opportunity to learn how to communicate. It is hard... more
    • Re: Jake - beasleylm, Tue Oct 11 22:13
      I totally agree with you. It is very important for us teachers to always remember how big of an impact we have on students lives!
    • Re: Jake - atkinssh, Sun Oct 9 22:33
    • Re: Jake - langem, Sun Oct 9 19:37
      I couldn’t help but smile as I was watching Jake’s videos. The progress he made over time is awesome. We just need to give the students resources to learn and they will run with it and become amazing ... more
    • reply to Jake - beasleycm, Sun Oct 9 12:53
      I agree that he showed so much progress. I would also like to see where he is now in his progress.
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