Sun Oct 16, 2011 21:23

I read the the articles about phonics instruction and I also think they were very informative. I have 20 minutes a day for word study. We do Words Their Way. I think word study is very important for the students but I still find it a daily struggle to plan. I like how the Words Their Way writers created lists for the teacher to copy. The lessons are clear in the books. Sometimes in fifth grade I feel like I am swimming up a stream by teaching phonics. It can be very daunting. After reading this week's assigned readings, I want to really make sure the students are successful with the word study. I also like the idea of word walls but how could I make a word wall lesson that is not for younger children? The lessons described seemed like they were for Kindergarten and 1st graders.

  • Phonics Instruction - beasleycm, Fri Oct 14 10:47
    I found the articles about phonics instruction very informative. I did not realize how many different ways there were to teach phonics. In my opinion, phonics instruction is extremely important for... more
    • Phonics - lockwoodre, Sun Oct 16 21:23
    • Reply to Phonics Instruction - atkinssh, Sun Oct 16 21:17
      I like the idea about the snap, clap vowels and consonants. How do you use this in your class and what does it look like? Most of my kids are kinesthetic learners; this sounds like a good strategy to ... more
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