word instruction vs. phonics instruction
Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:40

Hey, Ginger, your point about word instruction at all grade levels is well-taken. The question is what kind of word instruction. We seem to do reasonably well teaching phonics (one kind of word instruction)to beginning readers. We seem to have significantly greater challenges teaching decoding beyond beginning reading (e.g., morphemic strategies rather than letter-sound), and we seem to have forgotten vocabulary instruction in upper grades (replacing it with vocabulary assignment, dictionary worksheets, and assessments).

  • Phonics - ginger.mason, Sun Oct 16 23:21
    It was interesting to read about the different approaches to teaching phonics this week. I use a program called Fundations for whole group phonics instruction and word study for small group phonics... more
    • word instruction vs. phonics instruction - koppenhaverd, Mon Oct 17 11:40
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