Re: Phonics
Sat Oct 22, 2011 16:26

I use my portable word walls for writing time with my students- both with whole group and small groups. Each child has their own "Word Wall" that is passed out during writing time. This word bank contains words that they may have used in previous writing or want to write about in present writing. For example- If a student wants to write about their brother "Kaden" and cannot spell the name- I place Kaden under "K" in their word bank for them to have forever now. So- if they want to write about their brother in future writing- they can go back into their word bank and find. I do not use this for every word they ask for me to spell- I do encourage the children to sound out and think about the sounds they hear. I really use this for words that are not phonetically easy to spell or words I know they may use a great deal in their writing. They love this and it really helps when there is only 1 of me and 18 of them! Hope this helps :)

  • Re: Phonics - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Oct 16 20:51
    Do you create the portable word walls for your students? Or do you just have an alphabetic outline and add the words as they learn them? Do YOU actually write them on the portable WW for them, or do... more
    • Re: Phonics - fayk, Sat Oct 22 16:26
    • Katie-portable word walls - koppenhaverd, Mon Oct 17 11:45
      I'm with Elisabeth. I'd love to hear more about what you're doing with word walls, especially portable word walls, with such young kids, and why. We've always used portable word walls only in... more
      • word bank response - fayk, Sat Oct 22 16:32
        Dr. Koppenhaver, These word banks actually save a lot of time for me during writing because I don't have every child raising their hand to ask me how to spell something :) As I replied to Elisabeth-... more
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