word bank response
Sat Oct 22, 2011 16:32

Dr. Koppenhaver,

These word banks actually save a lot of time for me during writing because I don't have every child raising their hand to ask me how to spell something :) As I replied to Elisabeth- I use them during my whole group writing time and during my small group acceleration time (3 students with a teacher or teacher assistant)- which is where my groups are pulled into other locations. I do not use these "word walls" to write every sight word down- only words that children may have difficulty sounding out and may use a lot in their own writing. That way- they are able to go back and look under the letter and find. We have used them a lot this past week as we have been working on fall writing. We have been learning our color words- so as they write about the "red, yellow and orange" leaves- I help them to put in their word bank to have for future writing. The kids really love using their own "special word bank".

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    I'm with Elisabeth. I'd love to hear more about what you're doing with word walls, especially portable word walls, with such young kids, and why. We've always used portable word walls only in... more
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