Sun Oct 23, 2011 18:33

My students also used Microsoft Word for the first time this week. They really enjoyed using the laptops to publishing thier poems. One student commented on how much fun it was to type their poem. The students also took a picture with a digit camera(fall themed)that they are going to add to their poem. I think that I am going to allow them every other month or so to check out the laptops and let them type and publish a piece of their writing.

  • Re: Stacy - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Oct 23 13:57
    I totally agree that students are reluctant to publish their work only to correct a few mistakes. For the first time last week I allowed my students to publish with Microsoft Word. They loved it! I... more
    • Elisabeth - langem, Sun Oct 23 18:33
    • Re: Benchmark School - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Oct 23 16:04
      I love the idea of letting students publish using a computer. It will make them more eager to write!
      • publising reply - lockwoodre, Sun Oct 23 22:35
        My students are currently into publishing in kidspiration for math and science topics. We also are using Wordale and Comic Life. One of my current favorites is Comic Life. Students can incorporate... more
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