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Mon Oct 24, 2011 15:22

I also did not know that peer help could be successful for ASD children. I do like using DRTA's because like you said, they provide scaffolding.

  • Teaching Reading to ASD - lockwoodre, Sun Oct 23 22:50
    As I read this article I thought about my many students who have struggled with literal interpretations. I never really knew how to teach other than define what the author meant by using figures of... more
    • Re: Teaching Reading to ASD - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 19:21
      I think that Anticipation Guides are a great idea. I have not tried this strategy with my students but I think that if I could make them a little more simple, my students would also benefit from this ... more
    • Re: Teaching Reading to ASD - beasleylm, Mon Oct 24 18:02
      I agree that DRTA's are a great thing to use during reading time for all students. My students also struggle with literal interpreatations. I have not started using DRTA's in my room, but I think it... more
      • Reply to DRTA - atkinssh, Mon Nov 7 17:28
        I have used DRTA with one of my fifth grade students that I see for reading comprehension. This has turned out to be an excellent strategy to use with him. He really has trouble with literal... more
    • Reply to Teaching Reading To ASD - beasleycm, Mon Oct 24 15:22
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