Re: Gaskins Articles
Sat Oct 29, 2011 18:08

I completely agree Josey about time to talk with fellow teachers and reflect on what we are doing in the classroom. I feel like I try and reflect on what I am doing daily- but I feel like I am always trying to play catch up in my head that I don't really have the time to implement what I am reflecting upon. We are having a group of kindergarten teachers coming from another school in the county to spend 3-4 hours with us this week- I am excited to hear from them and discuss what they are doing in their own classrooms!

  • Re: Gaskins Articles - redingerj, Mon Oct 24 16:01
    This reading was interesting in that the "goal" was decoding and word recognition. The common thread in many of our readings is research for best practice, reflection, and "now what?"- much like our... more
    • Reply to Gaskins Articles - atkinssh, Mon Nov 7 17:58
      I agree; I think that talking and collaborating with colleagues should be top priority. In my EC resource job, I rarely have time to actually collaborate with my students' regular education teachers. ... more
    • Re: Gaskins Articles - fayk, Sat Oct 29 18:08
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