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Jennifer Ridenhour
Sun Nov 6, 2011 16:50

These two articles really made me think about reading comprehension in all students, not just students who have ASD. I really thought hard about things I am doing in my classroom to help students better comprehend what is being read. It is only my first year of teaching, and I do not have any students in my Kindergarten class that are labeled with a disability on the Autism Spectrum. But, I do have students who seem to struggle with recalling the events in the story and the order that the story took place. While reading the article about Connor and seeing that he struggled to make connections to a story, I began to think about making Text to Me connections that my students and I try to do while reading a story. We think about the events that happened in the story and see if we have ever had an event that is similar. Some of my students seem to do great with this activity, while others struggle. I also saw that if I make a prior connection before reading the story for the students, it could help them to make their own connections.

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