Sun Nov 6, 2011 21:44

I hadn't thought about this connection before, but it really makes sense. ELL students are a lot like students with Autism in the way that they don't always understand vocabulary or phrases that we say. I think this connection just furthers what we have talked about before- how many of these strategies are great not only for students with disabilities, but also for ELL students and regular ed students. All students can reap the benefits of the comprehension strategies that were discussed in these articles.

  • ASD - langem, Sun Nov 6 17:34
    I have never had a student with autism or even worked with anyone with autism (with the exception of the student I had for a week at the beginning of this school year.) Even though I was not able to... more
    • ASD - williamsj, Tue Nov 8 11:43
      I can be like ELL at times. I feel we must work on building up meaning behind phrases and words and work on not using them as they will be confused. I also feel that we must use different... more
    • ASD and ELL - williskl1, Sun Nov 6 21:44
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