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Mon Nov 7, 2011 17:58

I agree; I think that talking and collaborating with colleagues should be top priority. In my EC resource job, I rarely have time to actually collaborate with my students' regular education teachers. We have PLCs and it really "sounds/looks good" that we are all having these common grade level plannings, but the meetings are consumed with talking about irrelevant topics. We need so much more time to just talk to each other about what is going on in our classrooms and with our students.

  • Re: Gaskins Articles - redingerj, Mon Oct 24 16:01
    This reading was interesting in that the "goal" was decoding and word recognition. The common thread in many of our readings is research for best practice, reflection, and "now what?"- much like our... more
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    • Re: Gaskins Articles - fayk, Sat Oct 29 18:08
      I completely agree Josey about time to talk with fellow teachers and reflect on what we are doing in the classroom. I feel like I try and reflect on what I am doing daily- but I feel like I am always ... more
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