Stacy Durham
Re: Autism
Wed Nov 9, 2011 18:52

I have never worked with a students that has been diagnosed with Autism either. I also feel that maybe one or two of my students fall somewhere on that spectrum. It is interesting to me when students get confused with what is actually happening in the story and what has happened in their own life. I always try to encourage these students by telling them that they just made a personal connection to the story but I struggle finding effective ways to help them pay closer attention to the text.

  • Autism - ginger.mason, Sun Nov 6 22:40
    I have never worked with a student that has been diagnosed with Autism, but I have had a few in my class that I feel fall somewhere on the spectrum. I agree that comprehension tends to be an issue... more
    • Re: Autism - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 18:52
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