Stacy Durham
Re: Autism and Comprehension
Wed Nov 9, 2011 19:03

I also thought the articles were easy to follow. I enjoyed reading the suggestions on how to teach comprehension. I did not make the connection to the Montessori concepts until you mentioned it but now I can see the relationship. The peer tutoring strategy is something that I use in my own classroom and the students love it. Any opportunity where they have full responsibility they love. The fact that they are able to "be the teacher" and provide help to their peers is empowering to many students. I loved your idea of telling the story elements across your fingers!

  • Autism and Comprehension - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Nov 6 15:51
    Even though I have never taught a student with ASD I found these articles very easy to follow. I found that some of the suggestions to teach comprehension skills reminded me of Montessori concepts... more
    • Reply to Autism and Comprehension - beasleycm, Fri Nov 11 10:36
      I had not thought of Montessori concepts until you mentioned it. I also like the idea of peer tutoring. My students enjoy "acting like the teacher" and really take this seriously.
      • Re: Reply to Autism and Comprehension - redingerj, Fri Nov 11 11:58
        I am entertaining the concept of peer tutoring for preschool. Half of my bunch is fairly high with their letter/sound recognition skills. They would be good for pairing with my lower group for some... more
        • Re: Reply to Autism and Comprehension - fayk, Sun Nov 13 00:31
          I think that's a great idea Josey! I do a lot of ability grouping now in kindergarten... but when I have the opportunity I love to pair them up and do this. The "higher" students love helping the... more
    • Re: Autism and Comprehension - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 19:03
    • Re: Autism and Comprehension - beasleylm, Mon Nov 7 19:02
      It is great to springboard off of interests. My autistic kid does great with things he is really into, as does all of my students. The peer tutoring works good on some days and some days it does not... more
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