Stacy Durham
Re: Gaskins
Wed Nov 9, 2011 19:14

It's so good to hear that you are picking and choosing instructional strategies that work best for your students instead of trying to pack everything in at once. I agree with you and find that it's even more difficult when professional development is being cut back drastically. It is tough for teachers to do every single thing that is given and still find the time to actually teach in meaningful ways. We know our students' needs and we need to do our best to meet them even if it means breaking a few "rules". Kudos to you!

  • Gaskins - ginger.mason, Sun Nov 6 22:45
    Time is a big issue for me in my classroom. I feel that we are constantly being asked to implement a new program into an already packed schedule with little or now professional development support. I ... more
    • Gaskins - lanierrm1, Sun Nov 13 19:10
      We are constantly being given new strategies to try and some instructional support but not as much as needed sometimes. I too try to pick and choose what works best for my students. There is no one... more
    • Re: Gaskins - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 19:14
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