Stacy Durham
Re: Benchmark School
Wed Nov 9, 2011 19:32

I also think that the Benchmark school sounds like what we all would love to do for our students. The staff development and research part really stood out to me too. I think that I turned green with envy while reading it. Our professional development has become practically non-existent. I completely agree with your comment about turning the focus on best practices instead of assessments. We did go into this profession to teach students not to teach the test.

  • Benchmark School - williskl1, Sat Oct 22 14:06
    I found this article really interesting. Benchmark school sounds like what each of us want to be able to do for our students in our own classrooms. The curriculum completely focused on the needs of... more
    • Re: Benchmark School - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 19:32
    • Re: Benchmark School - beasleylm, Mon Oct 24 17:55
      I agree that there is too much time and focus on new assessments and not on the actual needs of our students. If everyone could be like the Benchmark school, there would be so much more sucess in our ... more
    • Reply to Benchmark School - atkinssh, Sun Oct 23 18:39
      I agree with what you are saying. This sounds like the ideal school where any teacher would want to teach. Schools need to pay more attention to what research says about teaching reading and stop... more
      • Reply to Benchmark School - beasleycm, Mon Oct 24 15:25
        I also agree. We need to go with what research says works and stop guessing.
    • Re: Benchmark School - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Oct 23 16:07
      I completely agree! This is what each of us wants for our students, but sometimes the school system gets so caught up in different ways to assess that they forget about the needs of every individual... more
      • Re: Benchmark School - langem, Sun Oct 23 18:41
        The staff development that these teachers received seemed to be beneficial towards their teaching. It seems like the staff development I have received lately was not beneficial and I was not able to... more
        • Re: Benchmark School - fayk, Sat Oct 29 18:00
          I agree with the need for GOOD staff development! I am sorry- but I feel like 90% of it is such a waste of time. If it is not something I can use in my classroom or to help my students- I just don't... more
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