Re: Reply to Autism and Comprehension
Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:58

I am entertaining the concept of peer tutoring for preschool. Half of my bunch is fairly high with their letter/sound recognition skills. They would be good for pairing with my lower group for some independent work (with a lot of support circulating from myself and my two assistants). Followed up with some sharing time for students to display work to other classmates... good ideas from this reading!

  • Reply to Autism and Comprehension - beasleycm, Fri Nov 11 10:36
    I had not thought of Montessori concepts until you mentioned it. I also like the idea of peer tutoring. My students enjoy "acting like the teacher" and really take this seriously.
    • Re: Reply to Autism and Comprehension - redingerj, Fri Nov 11 11:58
      • Re: Reply to Autism and Comprehension - fayk, Sun Nov 13 00:31
        I think that's a great idea Josey! I do a lot of ability grouping now in kindergarten... but when I have the opportunity I love to pair them up and do this. The "higher" students love helping the... more
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