Fri Nov 11, 2011 16:30

As a Kindergarten teacher myself, these articles made me think about my students' comprehension as well. I started wondering if they too have difficulties with comprehending what is being read to them and being able to make connections to their own life. I've tried just a few text-to-self activities with my students with a lot of success for most but some really do struggle and sometimes the kids that struggle the most are not the ones that I thought would. I've also discovered that I feel like I need to do a lot more comprehension activities around the books I read to my students so that all my students will be successful. Reading and comprehending what you read is such an important basic skill that I think as much as we can do to strengthen our students the better.

  • ASD (I posted in the wrote spot!) - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Mon Nov 7 18:20
    These two articles really made me think about reading comprehension in all students, not just students who have ASD. I really thought hard about things I am doing in my classroom to help students... more
    • st. comprehension - lanierrm1, Sun Nov 13 19:25
      I also do not have any students with autism or autism spectrum disorders. I have not had any students with these labels during my 5 years teaching but I also have students who struggle with making... more
    • Comprehension - williskl1, Fri Nov 11 16:30
    • Re: ASD (I posted in the wrote spot!) - redingerj, Fri Nov 11 11:55
      I, too, thought of students I have in my classroom currently and have had in the past. I definitely see the comprehension difficulties noted for ASD students as being the ones noted in the articles... more
    • Response to ASD (I posted in the wrong spot) - beasleycm, Fri Nov 11 10:22
      Some of my students also struggle with making text connections. It does seem to help a bit more to think about this before actually reading. It also helps to model all of this, which you do.
      • Re: Response to ASD (I posted in the wrong spot) - Jennifer Ridenhour , Mon Nov 14 17:58
        It does seem to really help when I model a text to text connection that I have with the book. The children then begin to think of their own connections that they have with the book.
    • Re: ASD (I posted in the wrong spot!) - Stacy Durham, Wed Nov 9 18:46
      I also thought about reading comprehension in all students while reading these two articles. My first graders are also working on making text to self connections. This is easy for most of them but a... more
    • Re: ASD (I posted in the wrote spot!) - beasleylm, Mon Nov 7 18:59
      I would agree with you that it made me think about reading comprehension in all students. Some students in my 4th grad classroom have problems connecting, while some of them do great with it!
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