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I also thought these articles were helpful. Because we work at the same school and I serve the student you have mentioned, I agree that this student is extremely smart in math and in reading. He does have more trouble with writing and is very reluctant to revise or edit his writing. He almost always has a meltdown when he must do these tasks. I have learned that having him edit his work, focusing only on a couple things each day, helps him to avoid a meltdown. If he becomes overwhelmed, it really gets difficult for him to regain composure.

  • ASD Articles - beasleycm, Fri Nov 11 10:17
    I thought these articles were easy to follow. I have had one student that the readings reminded me of. This student did not have trouble with comprehension. He also was extremely smart with math. For ... more
    • Reply to ASD articles - atkinssh, Mon Nov 14 17:34
    • ASD articles - fayk, Sun Nov 13 00:28
      When I taught pre-k I had children in my class who were on the autism spectrum. I also have a good friend whose son shows many of the same characteristics of Connor in the one article. I was not... more
      • Re: ASD articles - redingerj, Sat Nov 26 08:07
        You said it, Katie! Setting a "purpose for reading" makes sense for kids- especially those with ASD or who have characteristics of "the spectrum." I also liked reading about how his teacher was able... more
      • ASD - trivettec, Sun Nov 13 19:15
        I can't imagine how hard it would be, as a parent, to deal with your child having these issues. I know that you would accept the situation and do the very best that you could, but my heart just... more
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