Re: Self-Selected Readings
Sun Nov 20, 2011 21:24

Like most, I struggle in my classroom with my students selecting the best books to read independently. I think that my students, third graders, like to pick the harder books or chapter books because they think that is what they should be reading or to show off to the other students in their class. I do not like to tell them what books they are allowed and not allowed to read because I think independent reading should be fun and done for enjoyment. I try to buy books of all level and of all genres for my classroom library, but I have found that the majority of books for the lower readers or readers with disabilities are fantasies. I struggle to find other genres for my lower readers. I really liked the mini lessons in this chapter and the list of books to use for children with disability (as well for children without disabilities to expose them.)

  • Self-Selected Readings - williskl1, Sun Nov 20 13:31
    I enjoyed reading the chapter on self-selected reading in the textbook. While I was reading it, I thought about my own classroom and how I struggle with my children choosing books to read. Since I... more
    • Re: Self-Selected Readings - langem, Sun Nov 20 21:24
      • Re: Self-Selected Readings - Stacy Durham, Sat Nov 26 00:11
        I also found the mini lessons in this chapter useful. It was especially helpful to have the book titles to go along each. The list of websites was also informative and had many electronic texts which ... more
      • self-selected - lockwoodre, Mon Nov 21 18:13
        I have a huge variety of books for students at 5th grade level and below to third grade level. However, I do struggle with text for readers at 1st and 2nd grade level. The covers are so influential... more
        • interest survey - lanierrm1, Mon Nov 21 18:22
          I did a reading interest survey part of the way through last year. I meant to begin with it this year and forgot. I may do it here soon because it does give you good insight about what interest them... more
          • Re: interest survey - redingerj, Sat Nov 26 08:09
            I like the ownership and seeking of information that an interest survey can convey. This is something I could do with each child in my pre-k clasroom- or send home as "homework" to find out more... more
          • i meant - lanierrm1, Mon Nov 21 18:23
            Some of them might find some of them to little kidish for them but some of them don't and are good books.
      • SSR - masonvf, Mon Nov 21 17:57
        I teach first grade and I struggle like most others with the selection of texts for silent reading. My young readers tend to aspire to read the more interesting chapter books rather than the less... more
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