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Mon Nov 21, 2011 18:10 (XFF:

In my classroom I talk with my students independently about what books they should be choosing why it is important to select appropriate books for independent reading. In my classroom it isn't to difficult for them because I give them a reading range and they select within that range. The books have a level on the inside so they know what they can select. However even in 2nd grade they have a hard time in the library and with the 2 free choice books they get to select in the room. I have tried to teach them strategies to help them realize if a book is to hard. I even look sometimes and read some of it with them and discuss it. Then if we think its to hard and they go back and select a different book. The only time I let it go with library books is if they are going to take it home and a parent is going to read it with them or to them.

  • Self-Selected Reading Chapter - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Nov 20 14:25
    The Self-Selected Reading Chapter really got me thinking about how students struggle with picking a book that is appropriate for their level. As a Kindergarten teacher, most of my students cannot... more
    • selecting books - lanierrm1, Mon Nov 21 18:10
    • SSR - trivettec, Sun Nov 20 21:48
      I also love the idea of conferencing with the student in order to help them pick an appropriate book! I don't know why I haven't been doing this the whole time. I conference with the kids during... more
      • Reply to SSR - beasleycm, Mon Nov 28 19:02
        I think that an interest inventory is a great idea. This is something I want to try. It would give me so much insight on what my students would be interested in reading.
    • Re: SSR - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Nov 20 19:15
      I too see some of my second graders struggling to pick appropriate books. Our media specialist teaches our students a "Gimme 5" tool to use when picking books. The students are supposed to go to a... more
      • Re: SSR - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Dec 4 13:48
        I like the idea. I am going to try it after Christmas. My students are just now beginning to read their own books! I think that some of my students will really benefit from this strategy.
      • SSR - redingerj, Sat Nov 26 07:58
        I like the 5 fingers, Elisabeth. I also enjoyed reading about SSR. I do 10 minutes of SSR/day in pre-k, however it looks a lot different than what was described. I choose every book in my classroom... more
      • we do this - lanierrm1, Mon Nov 21 18:12
        We do this as well. I use it in my classroom and in the library. It helps them select when they don't have our classroom coding there to assist them.
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