Fri Nov 25, 2011 17:47

In our school we do reading counts which is similar to AR. I teach second grade and this is the grade that they start taking the test for RC. My students really seems to enjoy taking these test. They are always asking if they can go and take a test. I have started having more silent reading time each day. I started out with just 5 minutes at the beginning of the year and now we are up to 15 minutes each day. Students also have the chance to read if they finish work early. I would like to have more books in my classroom they are on their reading levels. Sometimes my students pick books that are hard for them because there are not enough books in the classroom at their level. I guess that is a common problem.

  • SSR - beasleylm, Tue Nov 22 07:22
    SSR is really big in our school and our county. We have 30 minutes daily for SSR. Students are reading on their level and what they want to read. Our school has AR and I know there is a bad rep for... more
    • Re: SSR - fayk, Fri Nov 25 19:06
      SSR is not something I do as a kindergarten teacher as the book explains or how many of others have explained. However, when I have transition time or just an extra 10 minutes during the day- I love... more
      • RE: SSR - williskl1, Sun Nov 27 22:59
        As a kindergarten teacher also, I too do not do SSR time like talked about in the book. I do something similar to what you do in your classroom where any extra time we have, a couple minutes here or... more
    • Re: SSR - simmonskn, Fri Nov 25 17:47
      • Re: SSR - Stacy Durham, Fri Nov 25 23:34
        I agree that starting students out with fewer minutes for SSR at the beginning of the year is the way to go. Letting them build reading stamina instead of forcing them to read for longer than they... more
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