Sat Nov 26, 2011 07:58

I like the 5 fingers, Elisabeth. I also enjoyed reading about SSR. I do 10 minutes of SSR/day in pre-k, however it looks a lot different than what was described. I choose every book in my classroom that is put "out." I put them out b/c they directly connect to our season, weekly Letterlander, math concept of the week, etc. I do not have any readers in my class this year, so during SSR I look for concepts of print and for whether or not they are looking at each picture in order. I also ask each child to make a prediction about what the book may be about based on the illustrations and why. This gives each child a chance to "share" the story they "read" and puts a spotlight on each book in the classroom through the course of a week or so... I can't help but think there are more ways to use this with pre-k. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Re: SSR - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Nov 20 19:15
    I too see some of my second graders struggling to pick appropriate books. Our media specialist teaches our students a "Gimme 5" tool to use when picking books. The students are supposed to go to a... more
    • Re: SSR - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Dec 4 13:48
      I like the idea. I am going to try it after Christmas. My students are just now beginning to read their own books! I think that some of my students will really benefit from this strategy.
    • SSR - redingerj, Sat Nov 26 07:58
    • we do this - lanierrm1, Mon Nov 21 18:12
      We do this as well. I use it in my classroom and in the library. It helps them select when they don't have our classroom coding there to assist them.
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