Elisabeth Borowicz
Re: SSR question
Sun Nov 27, 2011 19:22

Maybe you could introduce Tar Heel Reader to these particular students. This may be more interesting for them and pull them into the SSR time. Just a suggestion.

  • SSR question - langem, Mon Nov 21 18:24
    Some of my students don't seem to really read during SSR (look at pictures or flip through the pages.) What do you do in your classroom with those students to get them to really read?
    • Re: SSR question - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Nov 27 19:22
    • Re: SSR question - beasleylm, Sat Nov 26 19:41
      I have a few students like this, but the one I shared about in my case study was very bad for this. I tried to find books that she was really interested in and made sure she was reading on her... more
    • Re: SSR question - Stacy Durham, Fri Nov 25 23:42
      I encourage those students to partner read. My students use Flip cameras a lot. So, if they know their partner is going to ask them comprehension questions on camera, they seem to read more... more
    • Re: SSR question - lockwoodre, Mon Nov 21 18:31
      I let them read with a partner. They talk about what they are reading. They also create posters about what they are reading.
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