Sun Nov 27, 2011 22:59

As a kindergarten teacher also, I too do not do SSR time like talked about in the book. I do something similar to what you do in your classroom where any extra time we have, a couple minutes here or there, I let the kids read books we have at the front of the room in our monthly "book basket". The kids love to look at the books and show eachother the books. My biggest problem during these times are the noise level and the kids wanting to get new books every couple of seconds. Because the kids like to share the book they are looking at with other students, it can get very loud during these times and hard for other students to enjoy a book. My other issue is that students want to look at a book for a couple of seconds then go get a different one. Most of the books I have are too difficult for them to read so they are mainly just looking at the pictures and quickly want to move to a new book after finishing the pictures. I need help figuring out a better way to let students enjoy the books, but also not have them getting up every couple of seconds to get a different book and to look at them quieter.

  • Re: SSR - fayk, Fri Nov 25 19:06
    SSR is not something I do as a kindergarten teacher as the book explains or how many of others have explained. However, when I have transition time or just an extra 10 minutes during the day- I love... more
    • RE: SSR - williskl1, Sun Nov 27 22:59
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